Resilience is critical now.  We who are awake and aware of what is happing in our nation are traumatized every day.  Any trauma we experienced before today adds to the trauma of today.  It is cumulative. And it does not seem to be slowing down.

Remember, whatever your are experiencing, you can handle it.  You have the inner strength to make life work under extreme circumstance. Everyone does.  It is your birth right.  Do not compare yourself with others.  Take care of yourself, then you can give to others.

It seems the strengths that build resilience are competence in something, commitment, connection, communication, and control over what you do actually have control over.

A few suggestions that may help in building your resilience are listed below

Skills first discovered thousand of years ago and practiced by early natives are incredibly helpful.

1.  Do no harm.  Try to be kind to everyone you greet.  If this is impossible, just smile and walk away.  

2. Truthfulness without judgement is critical.  If you have something to say about something, say it about yourself.  It is important to be able to talk about what you find out about yourself.

3. Take only what you need.  If you take something that is not yours, you are stealing.  If you take more than you need, your are wasting.  Work to eliminate stealing and wasting from your activities.

4. In relationships, have humility.  Be generous with you love and eliminate the criticism. If you respect yourself, you will respect others as well.

5. Generosity is a practice that moves you away from focusing on you which is an EGO activity to focusing on another.  Any time you can be generous, do be generous.

6. Cleanliness of body and mind is so important.  Get up every morning, exercise, cleanse your body, find something uplifting to focus on for five minutes, eat breakfast and then get to work.

7. Whenever you believe you are missing out, or you don't have enough of something, or you have too much of something you don't want you are creating a state of suffering with your mind.  Be grateful for what you have. Contentment is a critical factor in recovering from trauma.

8. Be sure to heat your body up with exercise every day.  Take a brisk walk, swim, work out, do yoga, anything that get your blood moving and your heart beating a bit faster.

9. When you are disturbed, turn inward first.  Avoid blaming yourself or others, looking outside of yourself for solutions or trying to figure out in your mind what is wrong.  Sit quietly and follow your breath, observed your feelings and your thoughts, be with yourself intimately. Then sit down and write a page on what your found.

10. For those things we have no control over, you must find a power greater than yourself.  You get to find that source inside yourself.  Other people will want to help you by giving you advise. Resist taking it.  Find the source of your strength inside yourself.  

11. Do something creative every day.  Write, paint, draw, read, color, collage, paste stickers, play with clay, play music, sing, dance.  Be sure to be a child for a certain period of time every day.

Here is a good article from New Yorker magazine that may give you some additional ideas.


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