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Resilience is critical now.  We who are awake and aware of what is happing in our nation are traumatized every day.  Any trauma we experienced before today adds to the trauma of today.  It is cumulative. And it does not seem to be slowing down. Remember, whatever your are experiencing, you can handle it.  You have the inner strength to make life work under extreme circumstance. Everyone does.  It is your birth right.  Do not compare yourself with others.  Take care of yourself, then you can give to others. It seems the strengths that build resilience are competence in something, commitment, connection, communication, and control over what you do actually have control over. A few suggestions that may help in building your resilience are listed below Skills first discovered thousand of years ago and practiced by early natives are incredibly helpful. 1.  Do no harm.  Try to be kind to everyone you greet.  If this is impossible, just smile and wa


A few years ago, my family went to a mask workshop.  We got to meet a mask maker and see a show where he used all of his masks in a drama. When I think back on this family time, I remember all of the masks I wore in my lifetime.  Some were actual masks because I collect them and wear them sometimes.  But many masks were artificial roles I took on as life went by year by year. As a child, by age two, I was an angry child.  I decided if I couldn't get attention by being good, then I would be bad as I could be.  Here is a mask I would have chosen for that time. Once my parents were worn down from trying to manage my rage, a few "solutions" were put into effect which caused me to live outside my body, not in a good way, for several years.  Here is the mask I chose for that period. I did not want to be seen.  I was ashamed of myself most of the time right up until sixth grade.  I may have had moments of joy and happiness, but my default status was hiding as much as possible. A