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Self Help Groups are Not About Conversion

 Or TAKE WHAT YOU LIKE AND LEAVE THE REST. She used to accept people as equals who were hell bent on keeping her in a one-down position.  A one-down position was here place in childhood.   One such person was a “friend” from a support group. They call them “sponsors,” and they are like “Conversion Christians.” Conversion is the most important thing to those who are hypocrites. Most people who sponsor prefer a one-down position because they believe they have a market on “The Way.” The sickest people go to support groups. Even sicker are the ones who never make it to a support group. That’s why one of the support group traditions is, “Principles before personalities.” If you go regularly, follow the steps and traditions and listen, you will eventually feel better.  It seems so many people want to strip you of your ego, which is not helpful in the long run. The ego has a purpose, it just cannot lead the way.  It must ultimately be a passenger. This is what Conversion Christians cannot do

Abject Hopelessness, without Pride or Dignity

 My hopelessness is abject.   We are a nation completely devoid of pride or dignity.   Things I have learned:  I am not certain who to trust.  Maybe I will just trust myself!  I am not alone! I am a loving, kind, empathetic person! The World is struggling right now!   Things I have discovered: Although I am sure they are a varied group of people in terms of characteristics, some people on this Earth, family members, enablers, sycophants and megaphones, all have a few things in common.   1.The intention from the beginning was to destroy USA for various reasons.  I now know what those people in NAZI Germany felt like who helplessly watched Hitler’s rise and even spoke using their voice to object.   2. I discovered yesterday I am pitied and seem weak to them.  I went a house flying the White Supremacist flag, hoping to educate them about the dangers of their beliefs,  When I said I was afraid for our Nation and our People, the couple felt pity for me and sa