The Good Leader

Good Leaders are hard to find sometimes.   

Qualifications for a good leader are:

·        Sweeping

o   Inclusive

o   Inviting

·        Uplifting

o   Visionary

o   Motivational

·        Conscientious

o   Honest

o   Introspective

·        Courteous

o   Humble

o   Respectful

·        Eager

o   Collaborative

o   Excited to share

·        Sanguine

o   Optimistic

o   Expressive

·        Sincere

o   Forthcoming

o   Wise

·        Flowing

o   Informative

o   Instructional

·        Understood

o   Engaging

o   Connecting

·        Learned

o   Efficient

o   Organized

These qualities create the circumstances which will lead to a  leader who is bound to be SUCCESSFUL.

A person who embraces the qualities will lead those interested in being led to a wise and sophisticated understanding of themselves and the ability to develop these qualities themselves.


What makes a bad leader then?  There are many examples of bad leadership today. Here are some of their qualities:

·        Inimical

o   Defensive

o   Pernicious

·        Nervy

o   Domineering

o   Imperious

·        Devious

o   Manipulative

o   Shrewd

·        Expedient

o   Deceitful

o   Untrustworthy

·        Lawless

o   Chaotic

o   Tumultuous

·        Impenitent

o   Remorseless

o   Insensitive

·        Captious

o   Insincere

o   Callous

·        Attributor

o   Projector

o   Insinuator

·        Execrable

o   Deplorable

o   Offensive

These qualities create the circumstances where learning is impossible as the leader is INDELICATE

It is no wonder that the World is feeling overwhelmed, having a hard time coping with normal stress, let along a Pandemic called COVID-19. 

Facts are critical.

Cooperation is critical.

Accurate medical advice is critical.

Trust in people in charge is critical.

Self-care is critical.

The World has been getting mixed messages for while now.  The Intelligence Community knows where it’s  coming from.  However, there has been a concerted effort to confuse the citizens of the World with doubt about whether the Intelligence Community can be trusted.

Everyone must decide.  Who are you going to trust?

Someone who is behaving like a Good Leader?

Someone who is behaving Indelicate?


Successful Decision-making is not something done quickly in the mind.  The best decisions are made after following three basic rules:

1.      Contemplate your options to see which one brings you serenity

2.      Talk to a trusted other about the options

3.      Quiet the mind to clear away the noise and anxiety

Motivation is key.  If motives are to disturb likely motivation comes from an INDELICATE leader.  If motives are to be peaceful and cooperative likely motivation comes from a SUCCESSFUL leader.

It is not unreasonable to assume most people prefer a SUCCESSFUL leader.  It is unreasonable to expect everyone will be a SUCCESSFUL LEADER. Every person who works to become a SUCCESSFUL leader strengthens the possibility that the INDELICATE leaders will eventually fade away. 

Commitment to make this change requires three things.

1.      Courage

2.      Determination

3.      Joyful Work

Even Out of Work people can join the workforce toward SUCCESSFUL leadership. Join Now!




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