Vulnerability Clause

Dear people worried about how you will be judged by others:

Your life comes with a Vulnerability Clause.

The clause reads:

“To be sincerely vulnerable gives you strength.” Anais Nin

This clause is built into the part of you that is worthy of your attention. This is the part of you who lies above the surface of the water. Your Ego.

The part that waits for you “out beyond ideas of right and wrong” (Rumi) is your spirit.  It already knows this clause intimately. This is the deepest, wisest voice available to you. The deepest voice does not concern itself with outcome or favor. It concerns itself only with wisdom, practical application of wisdom. It can only come from inside you. It never comes from “out there.”

Vulnerability Wisdom comes up from the base of your spine, across the crown of your head and spreads into your body like a soft, gentle rain. It is the most feminine voice you have (Man or Woman).

“Try this,” it says.

When you are honest with yourself, have investigated all possibilities of distortion which come from Ego (which we can describe as thought without wisdom) and are truly loving you, that is exactly the time to take action on your vulnerability wisdom.

Before you get here, you will travel through your senses, your reactive thoughts, your emotions, your image-maker (ego) memory, and finally you will reach your spirit which is free and full of bliss.

I know, you think you are too afraid to exercise this  beautiful part of your being, afraid it may lead to a broken heart, you may be discredited, you might even say something that gets you physically harmed or murdered. The Buddha used to tell his followers when people outside his circle challenged him, “Leave them be, they have nothing to do with me, they are doing what they must do.” When one of these challengers asked him why he did not practice his Hindu rituals, he said, “because I do not like them.”

What you will find when you use the Vulnerability Clause (if you survive which is highly likely) is the gift of freedom, freedom from attachment to any version of falsehood. You become stronger, you believe in yourself with greater conviction and you show the World who you really are in the deepest parts of you.

What could go wrong?

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna who is retreating from himself into fear,

“Those who are not attached to anything, who are neither elated by getting desired results, nor troubled by undesired results, their Wisdom is steady.”

“Abandon worry and attachment to the results and remain calm in both success and failure. The equanimity of mind leads to freedom.”

Attachment to desired results or avoidance of undesired results is a practice of Ego. This is like the “Tail Wagging the Dog” (The tail being your senses and the dog being your body of wisdom). It is a Big-Ego driven endeavor and will lead only back to fear and insecurity.

Embody that dog. Allow the tail to wag away.  Settle in and watch yourself breath as you experience the sensory, thought, emotional and memory experiences. Then rest quietly while the wisdom washes over you.

You cannot hear the small sweet voice when you focus on wagging the tail of the dog.  Use your vulnerability clause. Make a difference for the greater good. Take a chance. Stand up and be seen. Check your Big-Ego at the door regularly and be YOU whoever you are from the inside out.

Use your Vulnerability Clause daily to strengthen her.


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